DIY Bow Ornament Headband

My husband and I spent 2 days clearing out our “drop everything here” room in our home {as in Baby Everything, Recycle Everything, Computer Everything, Air Conditioner Everything… the list goes on}. What we had was a huge mess, and what we now have, is a place that I can make a organized mess while I get creative. I just cannot wait until my hours spent in there will be accompanied by my baby girl. We will eat, sleep and live sparkles.


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  1. gush. great job. this is so fabulous. great post, love. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I’ve got a brand new outfit post and a fabulous giveaway. I’d love to hear your thoughts. xo

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  3. Such a neat idea..I love it!! I will definitely have to give this one a try. I been trying so hard to create and try more DIY’s just to experiment and this one I will definitely be giving a shot.

  4. Love this… I want to find a bow to make this, where is the bow from?

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