DIY Christmas Crackers

Hi, my name is Tairalyn, and I have a toilet paper roll ADDICTION

I SWEAR this rings true for every parent? I mean, you can do so much with a toilet paper roll. Don’t believe me, hit up Pinterest and look for yourself, you start to type in T-O-I and it finishes your sentence for you, TOILET PAPER ROLL CRAFTS. No joke! Check for yourself!

I give you my apologies now, I’m not helping either of our addiction much with this post, #sorrynotsorry. I can however use up some of your overflowing stash, so I guess that’s a big win right? Make room for more… more… toilet paper rolls. 

Sofia and I had a blast last year making these, and we will without a doubt be making them again this year, DIY Christmas Crackers. They’re better and CHEAPER than store bought and you can customize them to your group (since when did a dozen Christmas Crackers start costing $22.95). In our Christmas Crackers we put in some of our favorite festive jokes, chocolates and a scratch n’ win. But like I said, they’re totally customizable and really could host anything, anything small enough to fit inside a toilet paper roll that is.
*hey! you know those mini liquor bottles you can buy at the liquor store, a lot of those fit perfectly, #justsayin

I doubt I need to go into great detail on how to make these DIY Christmas Crackers, but I will give you a FEW TIPS should you need them. If you’re making them with your littles, I recommend pre-cutting the wrapping paper and string. This just stream lines the whole process and helps with the whole loosing a finger thing. Also if you’re creating a cute little joke strip to put inside like we did, maybe start off by hunting down some favorites together on google and jot them down.  

It’s all the tips I got for you, but should you have any question on how we got from wrapping paper and toilet paper rolls to beautiful Christmas Crackers, you just comment below, I’ll answer them ASAP… I promise!


Have you made your own Christmas Crackers before? What did you stuff inside them? Chime in on the Facebook thread, we’d love to hear other ideas. 


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