DIY: Coffee Filter Flowers


Although spring is long gone, this doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy a nice bouquet of fresh flowers? In most places Fall usually means spending more time indoors anyways, so as it’s done for us, this little DIY will come in handy. Although I’d like to take all the credit for keeping your toddler out of your hair for good hour, I just can’t, our inspiration came from none other than our best blogger buddy Jen, who writes over at Mama. Papa. Bubba, she made these genius coffee filter flowers with her little one, Gracen.

Hop on over to Jen’s site and get the step by step, in adorable images, on making a bouquet a flowers you can keep 365 days a year. And seriously, tell me that little smile on Gracen’s face doesn’t make you wanna have another little one?!


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