DIY Coffee Filter Lamp Shades

This DIY was done simply to make my Master Bedroom a little more dreamy. I saw them done before on fellow bloggers sites and was inspired to give it a try. And if you asked me, its just what the bedroom was missing. Some drama between two of my favorite lamp shades from IKEA. After completing them, it has really given me the push I needed to really tackle our Master and make it a place to relax, get cozy, and let go of the days worries. I need this, I really do! As a first time mama, I deserve this! Can I get an Amen?!?

DIY Notes: The Hi-Liter is for “pressing” the Coffee Filters on. Place the butt end of the Hi-Liter in the inside center of the Coffee Filter, wrap and squeeze the filter against the pen. Hot Glue the bottom of the filter and press against the Lamp Shade. Its really that simple. Although simple note it takes some time…. 1 Shade took me about an hour. 

As you can see, my bedroom still needs a little va-va-voom! But we are getting there. 

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  1. Sofia likes them too and so do I!! They are so lovely, I just love the ruffles. They really look like you bought them in the store, you did an awesome job! xoxo

  2. Love em! They have such great texture. When you need to dust them, put them in a brown paper bag with a whole bunch of salt and shake gently.

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