DIY: Designer Placemat Clutch

I’ve made a placemat clutch in the past {see here}… however after spotting this placemat I knew another DIY was in order. It was thick, lush, and the perfect tone of Ivory; I had to have it. I knew the sales associate thought I was nuts for only buying one, that or she thought I was cheap. She didn’t ask – so I didn’t tell, sort of the way I roll. 

I added a few accessories I had kicking around…. I couldn’t be happier with its final look. I already have its first night out chosen. June 13th at the Vancouver Top Bloggers Event downtown Vancouver. I cannot wait!

use your fabric or felt and cut the interior of your clutch. 
be sure to nip the corners so they don’t protrude on the outside. 

glue down in place. 

fold and hot glue sides.
be sure to make sure they are sealed tightly. Heaven forbid you lose anything from inside.

attach, with hot glue, magnets to close.


accessorize some more.

and you’re done.

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  1. Very cute! Love the accessorize and accessorize some more.

  2. Girrrrrrl. That is clever!

  3. Where did you get that place mat?

    • KLA – I got the Placemat from the Dollar Store – believe it or not. For $2 i couldn’t say no. You would be surprised at what you might find at your local dollar store. Check it out!


  4. In love!

  5. I LOVE this! Thanks for sharing how to do it! Now I want to go hunt down a bunch of awesome place mats!

  6. Hi there! I had this post saved for AGES as I knew I wanted to try. I found a great placemat and I finally got round to having a go and would love to know what you think:
    Thanks for the inspiration xxx

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