DIY Duct Tape Feather Earrings

Have I ever told you I have the most amazing online friends? Seriously?! I do….

My online bestie, Diana, posted this DIY on my Facebook wall, encouraging me to make these gorgeous Duct Tape Feather Earrings. Of course I instantly fell in love with them, and wished that my days consisted of more than 24 hours, so that I could in fact make and sport them. I asked if she wanted to attempt at making them herself and have a feature on Little Miss Mama with the images to show how she made them for my lovelies. Of course… she’s amazing… and instantly she was ‘game’! 

So without further ado, here is step by step instructions on just how to make these amazing Duct Tape Feather Earring. 
I actually bought all the supplies at Walmart since we were already there and I noticed they had the tape, which was $3.37 for a 20 yard roll. I bought crafting scissors as well, but you can use any scissors you have at home, however these worked great with the tape and didn’t stick. The scissors were $3.27 for a two pack and the earring parts were only $2.00 for a pack of hooks and connecting hoops.

My daughters and I each created our own set and now we each have our own unique pair of duct tape feather earrings. No two pair has to be the same, you can shape them and cut them how ever you like. You do however want to make sure your actual pair look a like.

What you’ll need:
Duct Tape {colored
Craft Scissors
Earring Parts
Connecting Hoops

First cut your duct tape, you can use as little or as much depending on the size you want your earrings to be. Fold your duct tape in half and cut out a tear drop shape, remember to cut each color smaller than the previous one. 

IMPORTANT: After you cut your first pair of tear drop shapes from the folded duct tape, use them as a stencil to cut out your matching earring before you attach the earring parts.

If you have a sharp crafting tool or a sharp pointed knife carefully poke a hole into all three feathers together as one. You will want to put the feathers on the earring hoop as you want them to show when you wear them. I wanted the white zebra print to show first so I put that on last. Then when you have all three colored feathers on the hoop you can attach the hook and clasp the hoop. Now you have your very own pair of duct tape feather earrings!

I have been wanting to make my own jewelry ever since I went with my best friend to a jewelry making shop where we made our own necklaces. I’m glad that Tairalyn asked me to post the tutorial after I showed her the one I found from Michaels craft store. I’m excited to show them off and tell everyone I made them myself out of duct tape!


You love Miss Diana as much as I do yet?! That’s what I thought…. how could you not!
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  1. YAY!! I’m so glad you pushed me to DIY my own duct tape feather earrings!!!! Can’t wait to make more! xoxo

    You are awesome Tairalyn!

  2. oh my goodness, adore these. Fabulous post, love! If you get a sec, I’d love to hear your thoughts on my latest post for xo

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