DIY Easter Bunny Babies

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Morning crafts happen not as often as Sofia would like, but let me tell you I do my best to make them happen as much as I can. As a blogger my evenings usually consist of me getting the end end of an inbox that seems like a cruel joke played by outlook, writing content for the site, and catching up on what has gone on during the day via social media. When this is done, it’s when I clock out and if it’s sometime before midnight I will normally hit up Pinterest and see what I can muster up planning for the next morning shinanigans. Something from a toilet paper roll or pipe cleaners because we always have these on hand. This morning craft was brought to you by a a cleaning out of my bathroom cabinets finding things I know I will never use sort of materials.


Saw this adorable bunny on pinterest, of course, and knew we had to recreate it. Thanks to my canon pocket printer {aka the canon selphy} I found my most favorite picture of Sofia’s face as of recently, and printed it off. Cut it out, along with a bunny shape body, ears and feet. Setup a pink marker, glue, cotton puffs and her sweet little mugg.

The next morning she woke and ran right to the table, my lack of excitement in the morning must have told her that it was a late night, and quite possibly some of that late night may have had something to do with coming up with a craft idea for her. SHE WAS RIGHT. She couldn’t stop giggling the entire way through the craft, I mean I don’t blame her, she is one adorable little bunny.


HEY! TELL ME do you morning craft? Or am I the crazy one here who panics at midnight for plans for the day ahead? I’m so a last minute mom, I take great pride in that, especially when things turn out, like this little bunny!


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