DIY Front Door Wreath

Had an awesome weekend full of DIY’s. I mad this Wreath on Friday night while my husband was working OT and then Saturday, during the Hockey Game {Go! Canucks Go!} Sammy and I make Tissue Pom Pom’s for Sofia’s Nursery. Which I cannot wait to show you, Sofia is more spoiled than Paris Hilton and she is yet to be born. I’m creating a monster aren’t I?

I love this Wreath so much, I could probably marry it. So save your silly comments and just be inspire by the beautfiful-ness… and yes I know this is not a word. But heck, if I have this much skills to make a Wreath like this, I think I should be allowed to make up a word every now and again? Don’t you agree?

I’m so happy how this Wreath, and how it turned out, I’m almost thinking I could make and sell these for others out there who just don’t have the time or desire to DIY and customize them with Colors, Jewels, Letters and Bows. 

So here is what you are going to need to make your new Front Door Wreath:

Stryo-foam Circle
6 Sheets of Felt {color of choice}
Ribbon {color of choice}
Wooden Letter
Glue Gun
Paint {color of choice}
Paint Brush

 Trace a circle on the felt 2 of each size, in 3 different sizes

Here you use the Hot Glue Gun to glue the bottom to the Felt Rose, keeping it from unwinding

I chose to glue crystals to the center of the Roses, but that’s just me, I like to over-do it with the Glitz, Glam and anything Sparkley!

Hope you are all inspired, like I was thanks to another fellow blogger who made something similar, go make one for your front door’s. Its only the nice thing to do, considering your poor door has been naked since you removed your Christmas Wreaths!



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  1. this is really nice!!!!

  2. Following you back! I love this wreath and the blossoms above the crib. I like your style, too! Great photos!

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