DIY Golden Alphabet Play

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I get it, it’s not difficult, nor crazy costly, and I’m not claiming to be re-designing the wheel here; I share this DIY simply for inspiration. I, like many others parents find the house can easily get riddled with toys and feel cluttered daily. Whatever your clean-up concept may be, a few times a day or one grand clean up at the end of the day, leaving a few less chaotic pieces out to spark play the next day is what I like to do.

Why gold? Well it all started when I got this bottle of gold spray paint in my hands, you knew it was going to be trouble. Spraying all things gold was all I had on my to-do list; it started with a teapot, working it’s way into a mason jar, and earlier this week spilling over into Sofia’s toys. This is one toy that won’t get put away each night in our home, the golden alphabet can stay out sparking fresh little minds the next day. Especially in the mornings, Sofia likes to be near me, whatever it is I’m doing (yes, that includes bathroom visits) and this little addition to our kitchen has allowed our mornings to go so much smoother. While I make breakfast, she learns to spell. We’re close enough that I may give encouragement when needed, help with sounding out letters and praise when deserved.

And because of these golden letter, our mornings just work; how do you cope in the mornings to keep the babes busy but still get a breakfast on the table before lunch should be served?


Plastic Alphabet// Dollar Store or; Amazon
Spray Paint// KRYLON ColorMaster
Cookie Sheet// Dollar Store or; Amazon
Rug// IKEA Canada


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