DIY Hair Salon Kit for Kids

Sofia turned 6 last month and although she asked for pretty much the entire Toys r’ Us flyer I wasn’t interested in something I could find at a toy store. This time around I wanted something I knew she would use, unlike that Hatchimal that’s currently collecting dust under her bed. NO REALLY! It’s under her bed, thanks to a survey I’m conducting to see how long it takes her to realize her beloved $90 toy it’s missing. We’re sittin’ at just over 4 weeks right now people, whatever point I’m trying to prove, is being proven, but something tells me it will backfire. IT ALWAYS BACKFIRES!

This gift was going to be different, it was going to be one she didn’t know she wanted, but far better than any toy she could ever ask for. EPIC is a word that comes to mind when I think about this gift, and would you believe how easy AND AFFORDABLE it was? With a little creatively and some help from my trusty online graphic design software Canva, within 2-days I complete the most adorable and brilliant gift for any child who loves to play hair salon. 

This DIY HAIR SALON KIT FOR KIDS is super easy to put together. I got nearly everything at Walmart for under $35 and designed the image for the front of her kit online at Canva and printed locally (on a label sheet) at Staples. 

THE VERDICT, well let’s just say this DIY Hair Salon Kit is exactly what she didn’t know she wanted. Salon Sofie has opened it’s doors in our living room where should you sit down on our couch, pretty much means your head is fair game to the expert stylist and you’re gonna’ love it. NO REALLY! YOU. WILL. LOVE. IT. 



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  1. This is just so awesome! {As are the photos of everyone enjoying it!}

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