DIY: Home Is Where The WIFI Is {free printable}


If it wasn’t so damn cold, it would make most sense to just leave our front door open over the holidays. With how many friends and family stopping by to how many time we’re rushing out the door to go to the next fun Christmas event, it would just make logical sense to leave the thing open. 

With all these lovely people filling our home over the holidays it’s no better time than now to get this little project done and up once and for all. You see, I meant to do it last year when the second most asked questions, besides “do you have Egg Nog?” was “…can I log into your wifi?”. I have no problem handing out our wifi password to those who will be staying with us for a short or long while, this just means more silly and memorable photos posted to Instagram that I get to fully enjoy later (to which some I will gracefully un-tag myself on; not everyone knows my good side).

Pretty proud to have finally got this made, but even more excited that I made time to also make a printable version for you to fill in your own information and have printed and framed at your home. JUST IN TIME for the Holiday rush! Oh no, really, it was nothing! It’s my pleasure. Oh what? You want to send some love in the form of a Starbucks gift card, if you insist!

IMG_6333 IMG_6336 IMG_6349 IMG_6638{Free Printable Here}


DON’T YOU just love the idea of not having to remember another password, and getting stumped in the middle of an Egg Nog pour on what the heck your wifi password is. I know I do, and can’t wait for this sign to get put to good use! HAPPY HOLIDAYS and happy sharing on social media thanks to my wifi over the Christmas Holidays.


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