DIY Hospital Gown

I have been searching high and low for a Dress/Gown that I can wear that is less… hmmm how to you say… UGLY and more conservative {my butt is not for the world to see thanks}, soft, and comforting when it comes to the basic Hospital Gown. I have searched high and low and found nothing that I thought would work for me. Sammy will hopefully be able to take pictures during the entire birth and I anticipate my face and hair not to be fully “done” so the least I could do for myself is look fashionably decent.

Without any luck in the store {too many patterns or colors which I wanted to avoid, just something neutral was really what I was after}, just the other morning I thought “hey, wait a second, don’t I have that black cozy pants jump suit that I wore once in Hawaii – that seems to be collecting dust now?”. My answer to my own questions was “yes, why yes I do!”

So I don’t have much of a problem parting with the suit since a} I didn’t totally care for it and b}Sammy reminded me just how much he disliked it and c} it wasn’t short enough for flats but not quite long enough for heels. Wow, with so many positive things I liked about it, I bet your wondering why I didn’t buy two. So why did I buy it you ask… Well it had lots of potential, just not quite for my body type apparently. It was a flop on my part for purchasing it, until now that is. 

Here is my DIY for a Pants Suit to Hospital Gown


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  1. Seems like a good idea but how will you wear your tens machine if you chose to? I waned to be all conservative too, but both times I ended up naked. Much easier and you lose all shame and don’t even care when you’re about to push a person out.

  2. I can put a slit in the back if I choose, to be perfectly honest I’m all about the conservative and would do it for the pain. weird, I know !

    I am sure everyone is different when it comes to the way they manage it – and time will tell with me.


  3. Make sure you can get a boob out too 😉 haha! I wasnt at the hospital long enough to care but i can imagine how uncomfortable one can be. I was out of mine and showered an hour after Annabelle was born and then due to using a midwife was able to go home that night. During labour it was on but since I was 8cm when we left the house I couldn’t even put it on. The nurses were stripping me and putting it on while Robin held me up LOL….memories!

  4. Please update us on how this worked for you. I have terribly sensitive skin and was tortured by the hospital gown I had to wear overnight recently. I have thought about buying something similar for the L&D but worry about it opening in all the right places, etc.

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