DIY: I Spy Bottle

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A child’s mind never stops learning. It’s wild when you think about all that they are learning in a day. They are like little walking sponges and this is why it’s so important to give them as much food for their mind as it can possibly handle; that, and of course watching your language {these little buggers will pick up on everything}. I saw this idea on Pinterest once, but it was far to early in my pregnancy to think I would actually need this DIY near. Fast forward almost 2 years later and I was racking my brain on what this DIY was called. What would one name a bottle filled with rice and hidden gems. FOUND IT!

Here is my take on the I SPY BOTTLE; what do you think?
Quite possibly a genius idea to take on a long trip wouldn’t you agree? I spy with my little eye I see a…RUBY 



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