DIY: Ice Wand {elsa inspired}

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Can you believe that Frozen is still as popular as it is, after all this time? That was a trick question, of course it is, just like all the other amazing Disney flicks that we all know and love. Truthfully, if I look back and try to recall how many times I watched and re-watched Disney’s Cinderella, I’m sure it would be along the same lines of Sofia’s tally of times she’s seen Frozen. It’s just one of those movies that will be a forever classic!

You may remember we went to Disney’s Frozen on Ice a few weeks ago and while I knew and was ready to drop serious money on a plastic souvenir toy from the show, I thought it couldn’t hurt to have something to take with us on the ride there. I hit our local dollar store and got the creative juices flowing, I saw a flashing snowflake Christmas Ornament and instantly I knew what to do. I like to go out on the limb here and say this is THE BEST $3 CRAFT to date that I’ve made. 

Sofia loved it, her bestie Everly loved hers and off we went to the show!





  • Snowflake Christmas Ornament
  • Princess Wand
  • Hot Glue Gun


  1. Doesn’t take much explaining, but why not. Cut a hole in your Princess Wand that will fit the back of your ornament (ours was a flashing ornament so it had a little mechanical box on the back). 
  2. Glue the Snowflake to the front of your wand with Hot Glue and press and hold until it’s dry. 

TIP: If you’re not using an ornament that is battery operated likely you can just glue it to the princess wand you find without having to cut anything, saving you a good 30 seconds. 


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