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I feel a little like a genius these days; I came up with this idea without a session on pinterest, without inspiration from my beloved diy bloggers… I did this one all on my own folks, I feel like a little congratulatory celebration is in order, no?

I love the idea behind instagram; looking into the lives of others, one adorable photo at a time, the memories that lay in ones instagram feed is mind blowing really. I knew that their had to be a way to bring these memories from my phone and get them into my home, on the wall. I could easily print and frame images, but that would come at a hefty cost with the amount of photos I wanted to feature; so that idea was squashed. But then, then is when I came up with the idea of hanging them, someway, somehow. Why not a curtain rod?

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I bought 4 curtain rods, 3 packs of curtain rod hooks, all for $24 from Target. Had Sammy pull out his big boy tools and figure out all the details on the walls. I knew I wanted 4 images per rod, and I wanted to at least make them an 8″ square. We put the rods 12″ apart and 10″ from the edges of the walls; perfection.

Next I found all the images I wanted for the first run {as I plan on updating them often}, and had them printed at Staples on their 100lb card stock, the heaviest they had. I knew this wouldn’t be the ideal as the paper might curl up at the tops and bottom once cut out, but I needed to start somewhere. Had them printed for under $10, home to cut them out and hang them up.

I couldn’t be happier, well maybe I could; maybe if I could count better and didn’t miss printing 2 images. Ha. I blame tiredness, I can do that, I’m a mother.

IMG_6242-1 IMG_6273-1 IMG_6277-1 IMG_6462-2


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  1. This is a really great idea! I love it!

  2. This is AWESOME!! Such a cool idea that I want to try!


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