DIY Leather Purse

I am almost sure that I have gone “mad” for Placemat Purses. I’ve made more than I can count and you can even WIN ONE now at my Designer on a Dime Giveaway. Ludacris right?! Whatever you say, I know that I am going to continue to make them as they are fabulous and affordable. That… and I keep on seeing placemats that are perfect to be made into a purse. So until they halt Placemat production, I’m going to be making purses that please. 

Without further or do…. here is another Designer on a Dime Purse. I may even say this on if my favorite. Until the next one I make of course. Tell me, would you carry all your belongings in a Designer on a Dime Placemat Purse?

{make a small “x” with your knife for where you are going to punch the eyelet through} 

{Color the wooden dowel black, Glue into place – between eyelets – to give the purse structure}


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