DIY: Little Tikes Home Makeover


This project has been a long time coming, literally. Thanks to date stamps I can tell you that this makeover has taken us 13 months to complete. Started last July with a good scrub down cleaning, and storing safely away from everything dirt just before the change in weather. We had good intentions to get it done last Summer but so much got in the way we had to wait until this year to complete this little project for little Miss Sofia Marie.

It’s funny how it happened actually, no real plans were made to get it done last week but we had a few hours sans-child (thanks again mum and dad) and after cleaning our real-life house we had a few hours to spare and decided to get it done. The thought alone of being able to paint quickly without having to answer a zillion questions from the wee-one (yes we’re in THAT stage) sounded almost too good to be true. We hopped in the car and drove our way up to Walmart, grabbed us some KRYLON ColorMaster and Fusion spray paint in colors we knew Sofia would approve and rushed home to get started. It wasn’t until we were half-way through when we both realized we would need another 2 cans of spray paint, one can of white and one of copper, in total we used one can of pink (watermelon), two cans of white, and 2 cans of copper. Thanks to the quick drying paint, we had this baby done with 3 coats on all pieces by the next afternoon. We had it put together and ready for company during the house warming/outdoor movie night. Talk about perfect timing ‘eh?!

With still a few final touches needed, like a new door knob (I’ve got some fun ideas in mind) a custom door mat and window sill planters, for the most part this baby is complete and we couldn’t be more happy with the way things turned out. We asked Sofia is it was worth the 13 month wait and to her reply “Oh yah, my house, wanna go play in it? We can pretend it’s like my rock shop and I’ll sell you rocks, knock on my door okay?”. I’ll take it!

2015-08-14 15 IMG_2492 IMG_2507 IMG_2515 IMG_2524 IMG_1857 IMG_1863


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  1. So cute. Can you tell me how the paint has held up?

    • Tairalyn says:

      Of course! It’s been outdoors in all weather conditions since then and so far so good. No peeling, chipping or fading. The unavoidable wear and tear on the door has happened but I would say that’s because it gets used the most, nothing I couldn’t touch up once a year come Fall. But nothing noticablem I’d have to go in close to see it.


  2. I love the transformation. We have had our Little Tikes Playhouse for almost 20 years and it’s still going strong. I have a big question, though. How do you get the pieces apart. It’s been too long for me to remember how it we put it together. Are there hidden screws or a specific order to things? Any help will be greatly appreciated!!

    • You know Debbie, we just popped ours apart, it wasn’t very difficult. No screws no nothing. Took it apart with some elbow grease and then pressure washed it and scrubbed it down and then air dried and painted. Was perfect!


  3. It looks great! What’s the secret to spraypainting so you don’t see streaks running down the paint? Thanks.

    • Tairalyn says:

      Hello Mona, I would think maybe that we sprayed it while it was laying on the grass. Gravity was on our side 😉


  4. Ashly Anaya says:

    You must be great a spray painting because it took us 6 cans of white, 3 cans of brown, & 2 cans of pink & we did the shutters mint again, 2 cans of that 😳. I like your copper roof!

    • 6 cans of white?! Wow! Did you spray the whole house? We never sprayed the house at all, just the shutters, the roof and the door 🙂


      • Hahah! Yes we sprayed the whole house white, I just finished it & im spent. 100+ outside today in Texas heat is no fun! Lol. Never again! 😂

  5. Evelyn Hadwin says:

    We have a similar play house and after so many years it have turned ugly and dirty. We tried everything, bleaching, scrubbing, and nothing worked to clean it. So, out to the curb it went for the garbage to be picked up. We could have saved if I’ve known this process. You did an excellent job. Looks good as new! Maybe it’s not too late for other play houses to be saved.

    • Thank you so much Evelyn and SORRY to hear you tossed the little house! If it makes you feel any better chances are someone (if not the garbage man) scooped it up and did it, so I’m sure your little house got a second life 🙂


  6. MomOf4YearOld says:

    How tall would you say the house was? I love the idea of finding one just like this to revamp. Buying new ones are so expensive and putting this unique touch to it was a great idea! That was the plastic bonding spray paint you used as well correct?

    • Tairalyn says:

      Hello Jessica!
      The house is about 4′ tall I’d say. maybe a little taller but def no taller than 5′
      Yup, this was a spray paint that bonds well to plastic. You will get you regular wear and tear considering it’s out in the elements but overall it’s lasted very well! Have fun with it!


  7. Battles says:

    Was there any tricks to share regarding getting the kitchen part out? Even with elbow grease it is not budging. Maybe is one part easier to push out first?

    Thank you!

    • Battles says:

      I figured it out! The peg near the sink is shorter than the peg on the shorter corner edge (on the other wall). Much easier to pop out with the back of a hammer

    • Tairalyn says:

      Sorry I didn’t get to you quick enough, but glad you found a way! We were away on vacation in California, back today and trying to get a handle on things while we’ve been away. Sorry about the delay!


  8. Battles says:

    Figured it out! The peg near the sink is shorter than the other peg. Use the back of a hammer to pop the sink/counter out. 😁

  9. How did you get the shutters and door off? I’m fighting with ours :/

    • Tairalyn says:

      It was not easy that’s for sure. Took a bit of time, don’t be shy to use your WHOLE body. I think at one point. I was sitting on the ground with my feet and legs pushing and my arms pulling!


  10. Is your paint still holding up? I re did one last year and took it out this spring and after the sun and rain all the paint is chipped off! ☹️😓😭

    • Tairalyn says:

      Cecily I’m terribly sorry it took so long for me to reply! The paint held up wonderfully WHEN WE HAD IT however we have since sold it when we increased our backyard to include a large wooden playhouse. We had it for the first 2 years and all looked good. It could’ve used a little touch up in well loved places like the door jam and the windows but that I expected.

      What paint did you use and did you scrub it down real good before you painted?


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