DIY Napkin Ring Necklace

While cleaning up my Craft Room I stumbled across some random Napkins Rings that I threw in their thinking “I’m sure I could use these for some sorta DIY project”. Today was that day!

This season I seem to be all about chunky, it just goes so well with my new baby body, I thought “why not go all out right”? Only kidding… While I work on losing the baby weight, I can appreciate a chunky, cumbersome accessory, can’t I? It’s really all about statements, when I see someone in a bold piece, to me, they ooze style. Who would have thought something so simple could say so much?

Here is how I made the EASIEST DIY ever! No kidding, it is by far the easiest project ever! I dare you to make something easier.

UPDATE: See me wearing my Napkin Ring Necklace here


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  1. Great DIY! I am going to have to try it!

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