DIY: night time toddler torch


I get it, I get it, this sounds horribly unsafe, but now that you’ve seen it tell me you aren’t in love? This night time toddler torch has made its way into our daily lives, go figure. Every night at about 7pm we turn every single light off in our home and navigate ourselves with only the light from Sofia’s torch through out her bedtime routine. From the living room to the bathroom to brush our teeth and use the toilet, into Sofia’s bedroom to pick out her jammies and bedtime story. She clutches onto the handle the whole time we read her a book and then off it goes as we snuggle into bed for the night. Who knew this little DIY would be made apart of our everyday, making the less-than-fun times in a toddlers life, the dreaded bedtime routine, more enjoyable for everyone.

Oddly enough, we did not take photo’s through the whole process, from the rewinding of the TV, to the pausing and do’ing, we were all very INVOLVED in this craft and it didn’t even cross my mind to take photos. Luckily the amazing people over at Artzooka who inspired us to make this adorable toddler flashlight, have made not only an image filled step-by-step, but they have also created a video here. Amazing right? Head over now and check out how to make your very own night time toddler torch via Artzooka.

//artzooka plays on cbc saturdays at 8am and sundays at 7:30am, we have it scheduled on our pvr and love to find others ways to use toilet paper rolls other than the millions of ideas found on pinterest. check out the artzooka website, facebook page, twitter, and youtube accounts and keep in the loop. and btw, this post was in no way sponsored by artzooka, we simply love the show and had to share.



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