DIY Nursery Mobile – PART 1

Started Sofia’s Nursery Mobile however have yet to complete it. Thanks to a fabulous Visit to Michaels Craft over the weekend I found the most amazing mini Paper-Mache Mushrooms & Birds that fit the bill perfectly. 

I went to Michaels to get inspiration as I had the base of the Mobile but unsure what I was going to hang from it. I knew I did not want any plush toys, like you see normally on a mobile, for personal preferences only. I just had something a little less cartoon like in mind. With her Nursery going along the theme of an Enchanted Forest Tea Party anything like Owls, Birds, Butterflies, Mushrooms, Tea Cups would all be great however I didn’t see how I would get them to hang and where I would get them at the perfect design and size. 

Walking through my favorite aisle at Michaels Crafts, the discount aisle, I see a little bin filled with Paper-Mache Pears and Apple… digging a little more I find a Mushroom…. and some more I find a Bird! PERFECTION… I dig and dig and dig until I find 6 in total, and I do! Now down the paint aisle, I new I wanted them in an off-white as I think if I paint them a color I wouldn’t be happy when all was said and done. I don’t want it to look cheap or silly. 

After the paint I headed to the stickers section to find jewels for the dots on the Mushrooms and some to make the Birds Glitzy and Girly. Success – I run out of there in tears, I finally have gotten some direction on Sofia’s Mobile and it feels so good. I know tears…. pretty sad! Again like everything else, I blame it on the Hormones! 

It’s part one, They are painted, they are jeweled and now I just need to find the perfect amount of Crystals and Pearl Stands on ETSY to drape the Mobile just right. Stay tuned for PART 2 …. where we Glitz this Mobile up so it really makes a baby girl smile!



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