DIY: Padlock Necklace

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Chanel and Michael Kors have made it very clear, a padlock necklace is this seasons must have accessory {the proof is in the puddin’ folks}, this is why today we are sparing our bank accounts, and our dignity as this pieces can come with a $200+ price tag. YUCK! So today, we make it, because why not when you can do it for under $10?!

This DIY is beyond simple but comes with very SERIOUS rules. You know the keys that come with your padlock, yeah, don’t lose them; you’ll need it if you ever wan’t to take this baby off. First things first {I’m so fancy}, use pliers to shorten your chain to the desired length, then simply unlock your padlock, adding both chain ends inside and lock.. Wear, style, and have fun with the crazy amounts of extra cash you have in your pockets.

I told you last week that this was going to be a great series on the site, and maybe now you’ll actually believe me. Oh! But wait, did I tell you next we have a DIY #selfie tee coming up that will take your jeans and a tee obsession to the next level? On a more serious note, I truly feel all fashion can be affordable, as thekey behind our clothing we wear and the accessories we drape ourselves in is really how it makes us feel. Right? It really has nothing to do with what it cost us, but everything about the warm and fuzzies we feel looking at our reflections. Thanks to Nokia for choosing us to inspire others and prove that fashion doesn’t have to break the bank to make us feel our best. And #StyledByLumia is here to prove that; stay in the loop of this series via instagram, twitter, and facebook.

Disclosure :: I received compensation to facilitate my feature, however all opinions are my own.


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  1. Love this, will definitely make it. Thank you!

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