DIY Peplum Top

I have had this urging desire to make a Peplum Top after seeing the gorgeous …love maegan made her’s. I have been on the hunt for the perfect tops. Yesterday was “that” day, I found 2 tops that would work perfectly, and at $4 each I couldn’t say no. Thanks to Old Navy’s random but wicked sales, this Peplum Top cost me all of $8. Well that, and my time! But who cares, I got all the time in the world. I’m a stay at home mama!

You’ll need 2 tops that are the same. One in your size and the second a lot bigger, The bigger the more pleats and the more volume you’ll have to your Peplum.  

Take your larger sized Tee and cut it where you want for length on your Peplum. Once cut, you will now separate at each seam so that you will end up with two equal pieces. 

Once you have them laid out you will layer 4 layers of Tulle. Since my Tee’s were mostly Cotton their was not much structure to them and I wanted some “pep” in my Peplum. So adding the tulle will give your pieces some volume. 

Fold both sides, pin and sew. 

Next sew the top over, pin and sew 

Next make your pleats of “scrunches”, pin and sew. 

Pin evenly to the sides of your shirt, and stitch. I chose to hand sew this part as by this point the materials were quite thick and I was afraid to “jam” my mama’s machine. 


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  2. That top turned out really pretty!Great job

  3. You lost me at the sewing machine part but it looks fantastic. Awesome that you are able to sew!

  4. That is amazing. The top looks great on you and you are talented.

  5. love that, great job!

  6. The top does look great on you! Definately going to have to try that!

  7. Are you kidding!? CUTEST THING EVER! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  8. Hi sweets… I love the top, amazing job! I also love the shoes and jewelry! You have fabulous style. Thanks so much for stopping off at Searching for Something! I’m offering free sponsorship right now and an getting ready to update my blog for June. Shoot me an email if you want to come on board. I’d love to work with you. Xoxo, G

  9. Wow- Super impressed with the results… what a great idea!

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