DIY Peter Pan Collar

The Peter Pan Collar or Embellished Collar, if you will, is showing up around the necks of all those that love fashion and its ever changing accessories. With so many celebs being spotted around wearing their own versions of the Peter Pan Collar, I couldn’t help but make one for myself. Although the celebs wearing their collars I am sure put mine to shame as far as costs go. But something tells me you lovelies won’t care in the least. It’s all about feeling and look good all while staying in check with reality. The reality that our bank accounts may not portray the similar amount of 0’s that we would all wish. Have fun with Fashion and make your own Peter Pan Collars. 

I started off with a piece of tracing paper, which I drew out one half of the collar, thanks to this template from Honestly… WTF, using a piece of chalk. Easiest to see and get rid of when dealing with black fabric. Traced both sides onto the Felt and cut them out {as you can see I kyboshed the scalloped edges}. Once I have cut both pieces out, I glued a piece of suede cord onto the edge, attaching both sides and giving me a tie to bow at the back of my neck. 
After I had successfully glued the suede cord to the two halves, I then began embellishing with grommets that I had kicking around. Glueing each and every grommet, eye-balling it as I went, to the Felt. I left it to dry for 24 hours before I even thought about picking it up. I didn’t want to ruin any of my hard-work in making sure they were spaced just right. After it had fully dried I was all about styling it and figuring out when I would wear it out first. Stay tuned to see how I have worn it with sweaters and tee’s – so versatile. BRILLIANT!


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