DIY Polymer Clay Shoe Accessories


1. The state of being obsessed with someone or something.
2. An idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s mind.

I have grown a major obsession with Polymer Clay thanks to Delighted Momma. She makes loads of lovely things with a bake-able clay and only your creative juices can stop you from designing the next HOT thing. I have been creating for the past week and have to you you my latest and greatest… what I am most proud of at the moment {of course until my next creation}.   

my first visit to Michaels Crafts I purchased 6 blocks of Clay in a beautiful array of colors and even some with texture {like the Grey Granite}. At $2.95 a block I was beyond happy with how affordable it was and even more so with my 40% off coupon that I had and made my husband walk through the line behind me with his {don’t lie, as if you don’t also do this}.

Okay, I won’t hold it off any longer… Here is my DIY Polymer Clay Shoe Accessories. I think I have made them somewhat designer looking. Do you agree?

{Started off with a Plain Jane… GI Jane… Pair of Flats}

{removed existing bows on the Shoes to give a clean canvas}

{Use 2 or 3, or more Polymer Clay Chunks to make up a ball-oh-goodness}

{Squish is down into a circle and trace out a desired “accessory” shape}

{get them in the oven | 275 Degrees for 30 minutes}

{After cooled, about 30 minutes, I painted with a top coat to make it Glossy}

{Affix to the Shoes…and WEAR}



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  1. I ADORE this project! I just recently learned of polymer clay. I’ve got to try this out!

    Hope you share this at my link party. 🙂

  2. So funky and creative! I absolutely LOVED following your little project – great job!

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