DIY Pom Pom Tissues

As you all know I have a DIY attack over the weekend which had me “dress up my front door” and now complete Sofia’s Baby Mobile. I couldn’t be happier with both – however with a reaction I got yesterday from a co-worker, on “am I trying to scare the sh*t out of her“…. made me a little irritated. So I held off on posting until today, giving me time to cool my jetts and again be proud of what I I have done. I think Sofia will find it very fun, happy and cheery – bringing her a mind that will wander and imagination that will take her everywhere in life that I went including Wonderland. 

Here is what you will need:
Colored Tissue Paper
Floral Wire {String, Stapler or Tape would also work}

First unfold the Tissue Paper and count off 8 Sheets per Pom Puff {don’t do anymore, their is a reason Martha says only 8 – I did 10 and I really f’d it up}
Next show your “cheesey smile” and make-up less face to the world showing them you know how to fold paper!
Now bind the center of the Tissue Pom together with either the Floral Wire, Tape, a Staple or anything really. I chose Floral Wire so that I could later make the top into a loop and attach fishing wire to hang

Cut both ends so that they are rounded, you’d think this would be the easiest task, next to taking a pee break, not so much ladies…not so much. 

I, and by I, I mean Sammy, hung them from the ceiling along with my Birds and Mushrooms I painted and bejeweled for a overhead Baby Mobile that is just out of this world. Sofia will dream of Pink and Yellow Clouds all night long leaving a little smile where ever she goes. Now – onto the next DIY….. a Chocolate Brownie Cake with Double Fudge Icing.


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  1. The crib looks amazing, doesn’t it? How creative. I would imagine that’d work on a much smaller degree for smaller flowers too.

  2. Hi insomnia!
    I’m glad you like it. I think eventually with the Bedding and the room complete with rocker its going to look superb!

    That sure would work on a smaller scale! I made a little one as you can see in the middle of the final picture but Im sure you could even go smaller.


  3. Love them!

  4. i cannot believe how amazing this looks!

  5. she’s going to love it! don’t care what your mor…on coworker said, he’s a guy… c’mon

  6. Attention All !!

    I have personally seen them and they are breathtaking !! Tairalyn has more talent in her baby finger than anyone Ive EVER met.
    Sophia is going to be surrounded by a magical wonderland


  7. Aw thanks Steph!!!!
    I don’t know if its because Im extra emotional with the Hormones or because the Canucks Game is really making me tense but I NEEDED THAT!


  8. These are so cute! I didn’t have time to run out and grab supplies but couldn’t resist trying this right away. I had enough tissue paper to do one test run, and while it turned out a bit lopsided, it got me very excited to go get more colors and go to town. I wrote about the pom pom and linked you at my cat blog Congrats on the bun in the oven!

  9. Shaun-T says:

    These are very cute. I was getting really excited about doing my little girl’s room in them and then I thought… wouldnt these be highly flamable?

    Very good job though, they are super cute.

  10. I would think they would be – but so would anything else you hang above their head unless they were ceramic or glass and my guess is this is just a “wee-bit|” safer. We also need to note Shaun-T their are a lot of things that are not flame-retardant, even baby sleepers. I think every mother picks and chooses where they draw the line with taking precautions.

  11. They are beautiful!! What a fun, colourful thing for your little girl to enjoy over her bed every morning!

    ~Steph @ Silver Boxes

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