DIY: Project Playhouse (yard prep & painting)


These past 3 weeks have been so busy! Sammy has been working like crazy at his 9-to-5 (with additional overtime shifts thanks to the hot weather) to come home and literally drop his lunch kit in the kitchen and head back outside to work on the yard and get this playhouse painted. 

He’s made quite the to-do-list for himself when he decided that he wanted to first level out the yard before the playhouse was built. He wanted the ideal canvas for this work-of-art and that meant a backyard with a level playing field. Sammy ordered in a truck of dirt and wheel-barrowed it from the front yard to the back, leveling things out with help from his dad. He rented a roller to push down the dirt and then went and spread grass seed by hand. He has babied it trying to get it to grow as fast as we can, and in my expertise of doing tedious things, it’s worst than watching paint dry people. I’ve never checked on something so many times in the day and wanted something to grow so bad. I would like to take the time to make a saying-change request? From it’s as boring as “watching paint dry” to it’s as boring as “watching grass grow”. Can I do that? 

After they completed leveling out the backyard, he wasted no time and has lock himself in the carport tackling the next big job of painting the Playhouse. Starting off with sealing the wood (since it’s cedar, as ideally you want to seal it for weathering purposes) and then painting at least 2 coats of the respective colors. We used Cloverdale Paint with the colors 8432 Garden Bench for the home, EX077 Artisan White for the trim and 7190 Vintage Velvet for the front door. As of now I’ve seen it only in pieces, I cannot wait to see everything together, I know it’s going to exceed even my day-dreams.  

For the most party, everything has been painted and marked off the to-do list. Sammy and my dad now have the task of putting together all the pieces, building this Playhouse. Over the past 2 weekends they’ve managed to secure the elevation kit into the ground, build the platform, got the walls up and are currently working on the roof (sneaky peek here). Next it will really start to take shape when the siding goes on, the front door and windows go in and the accessories are put in place. Stay tuned, we’re nearly there!

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CURIOUS to see where we started with this DIY? Here is where it all began.


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