DIY :: Recycled Bird Feeder {toddler friendly}


Maybe the easiest DIY to date; whatever the case, it kept Sofia happy and busy for the 2 hours. More than enough time to thoroughly enjoy my morning cup of tea. As I sat and sipped enjoying the morning sun, she stood, dipped, and dabbed her way into this gorgeous bird feeder that now hangs in our front yard.

I think it’s pretty evident to see how it was made, saving me from having to write out instructions. However I will give you a few tips I learnt along the way. Choose a bottle/container that can easily stand on it’s own so that your child doesn’t have to hold it; i foresee round containers being a little tricky. Two, buy a fast drying paint for obvious reasons. Three add the string to hang it from your tree after the paint is dry and your ready to hang; working around them painting would be a huge pain. And finally, Four, put your mini painter in clothing that can get dirty.

Alright now “have at ‘er“, go shop your recycle bin putting your containers to a beautiful and bird friendly use.

IMG_2708-001 IMG_2713-001 IMG_2741-001 IMG_2763-001


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  1. Look at her smile! The coolest part is that Sofia painted it all by herself, well with mommy there too! I love this, we made upcycled bird feeders with the local boys and girls club and the kids were so proud of what they did! 🙂

  2. You’ve maeangd a first class post

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