DIY: Robot Valentine’s


Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and I have an extremely easy, and quite possibly a last minute Valentine’s that will blow your kids friends socks off. I mean really, who can say that they got a juice and snacks from their Valentine? So easy, and frankly you may already have all the supplies needed at home. I did, however not in the quantity I needed so off to the grocery store we went. Made them with Sofia and my bestie Lindsay in about 40 minutes, and in total to make 7 it cost me $8. Definitely more than your run-of-the-mill paper cards, but ridiculously cute.


Juice Box
Raisin Boxes
Pudding Cup {or fruit cup}
Cello Bags & Twist Ties
Googly Eyes
Pipe Cleaners
Sticky Dots {or glue}

I’m not sure these are really needed and is quite self explanatory, however I will give you a quick run-down.
Stack the juice box onto of 2 raisin boxes and glue them together, I chose to use dots for instant bonding and less mess with Sofia. Then use a pipe cleaner to for arms along the sides of the juice box, and stick the pudding cup upside down atop of the juice box gluing in place. Add eyes and any other decor you wish, place them in a cello bag and tag them with a cute little saying “I like you a bot“.


Do you do get all Valentine’s crazy in your house?
As in do you send you babes to school with cute little love notes to hand out to their friends?


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