DIY: #Selfie Tee


We all do it; pose, snap, pose, snap, pose, snap, chose the best of three, filter it until we are no longer recognizable, post it to instagram, and tag it with the most hated, yet loved hashtag, #selfie.

This DIY is not only simple and affordable, but the skies the limit as far as customization goes. Have it be your personal motto, your favorite phrase, even an adorable picture your little human made “just for you”. As long as you can print it, you can wear it. We chose a play on words with #selfie, because we haven’t irritated enough people already today, right? Hey! At least you can’t call me a liar, Seriously I’m out of #selfie control.

…learn about how Nokia’s Cortana helped me shop for a new fall wardrobe on a $200 budget; here.

Sadly, this is the last leg of our #StyledByLumia Do It Yo’Self Series on Little Miss Mama; we started out 2 weeks back with our $6 Embellished Beanie, and last week with our $6 Padlock Necklace. We’ve had so much fun designing, crafting, and hopefully inspiring some of you keep the money in yo’pockets and start making your own crush-worthy fashion accessories. Thanks again to Nokia for choosing us to par-take in the #StyledByLumia Challenge and to further stay in the look check things out here via instagram, twitter, and facebook. //the price of the transfer paper is based on a per sheet price, i paid $16.99 at michaels cafts for a package of 10, you can buy it here for much cheaper

Disclosure :: I received compensation to facilitate my feature, however all opinions are my own.


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  1. Jodi Mitrovic says:

    So cute 🙂

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