DIY Shamballa Bracelet

These Shamballa “bad boys” are priced at $170 plus. I thought they were mad until I realized they were made of Swarovski Crystals and some Diamonds. I understand their cost HOWEVER I knew I could make one easy on my own, and of course much more affordable. Costing me about $20 as I chose a more expensive bead, I could have made it for far less, about $5 or so.

My cousin came into town to visit with Sofia, Sammy and I, the morning she arrived I saw this Bracelet {pictured on the right} for sale for $169 and thought I couldn totally make that. Better yet, I could make that with Carmen, a crafting buddy. Loved the random idea I had, as I don’t normally craft with others. After I told Carmy, she was all in, skeptical that we could actually pull it off. But thanks to YouTube DIY’s and other Bloggers who, like me, am obsessed with DIY…. WE DID IT!

Has anyone else made a Shamballa Bracelet? Do share!

PS: If you wanna follow the same tutorial I did, here is the link 



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