DIY: Somewhere over the Rainbow


THIS is what come from spending 2 hours on Pinterest. A morning consisting of cutting, painting, and gluing, all things that make the absolute perfect start to any toddlers day. As a few of you saw on Instagram, I had a craft table setup for Sofia to discover on Friday morning. It consisted of a paper plate, a few strips of white cardstock, watercolors, glue, a black felt pen, and googly eyes. She woke up Friday and actually never even noticed it, straight to the couch to catch up with her buddies Toopy & Binoo. We got through the catchy intro and into about 5 minutes of the show before the paint pallet was discovered from the corner of her eye, she hoped up and ran straight to the table.


Showed her some inspiration on Pinterest and with that we worked out our own take on the adorable bestie-duo, the happy sun shine and beaming rainbow. They currently hang on our Instagram wall beaming down on the heads of those who are lucky enough to sit under them.

I can’t encourage it more, morning crafts are a great way to get your childs’ morning started with ease. I find starting with a craft is not only totally fun, but a flawless way to start the day off on the right foot. HAPPY CRAFTING LOVELIES.


COME CHECK OUT all the other amazing crafts I found on Pinterest that night {and follow me if you havn’t already}. I promise to find enough awesome crafts to use up all the 158 toilet paper rolls you have stored away in your linen closet. Ha! Don’t pretend this statement doesn’t ring true.


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