DIY T-Shirt Necklace

You know that tee that you just can’t seem to let go of? The one you have not sported in over12 years,  the shirt you had your first kiss in. Yeah well I’ve got a DIY for you that will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Giving you new life to that old tee that means to much to you. Now you can wear it with style and grace with this Old Tee Necklace DIY.

1. Cut as many strips from the body of your Tee
2. Pull them tight so they curl inward
3. Set and Stagger them as you wish to have them fall around your neck
4. Wrap ends with Felt, leaving enough space for a magnet
5. Hot Glue in Magnets
6. Wear…. again and again and again


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  1. I’ve done a variation on this with braided strands. They’re great for new moms because they’re chewable, washable & soft if baby falls asleep against them.

  2. Great idea. I love your red top by the way and I’ll have to try your chocolate banana muffins 🙂


  3. oh,It looks very well.and I also want to do it.but I have no a T-Shirt to do~~

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