DIY Valentines Countdown

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I’m finding that this age, 2 years old, to be all about magic and love, fun and play, crafts, holidays, fairy princesses and the excitment of anticipation. This is why I believe our DIY Christmas Countdown was such a huge success, so why not a countdown for every holiday, gives me more reason to celebrate myself. Not that I need more of a reason, I’m a sucker for any and every holiday. I know a lot of negative things can be said about how commercialized they’ve come, but sometimes life is far too serious and mundane that we need a little fun like this to force us to enjoy the little things. This is why we decided to make a Valentines Day Countdown for not only Sofia, but for me. But instead of opening knick-knacks and treats like during our Christmas Countdown, I’ve decided we will open something far more special; invites to valentines crafts, special love inspired playdates and fun afternoons planned just the two of us. The days leading up to the holiday of love has never been so exciting, celebrating just ONE DAY is so last year. So without further ado, as naturally what you came for what the DIY, here it is, in all it’s easy, affordable glory:


14 Paper Lunch Bags
14 Paper Lace Doilies
14 Mini Close-Pegs
White Paper & Valentines Paper Decor
Black Felt Pen
Sticker Numbers
Push Pins


1 — Spend the afternoon shopping for a valentines day outfit {everything must be either Pink, Red and include hearts}
2 — Spend the morning making heart shaped buns for dinner
3 — Head off to your favorite toy store and buy a new stuffy, only requisite is it must be holding a heart
4 — Pull out your painting pants, today we will paint valentines day canvases; think hearts, think love, think FUN
5 — Spend the morning at Starbucks with Mama {Tea and Croissants}, then off to Chapters to buy a valentines day book.
6 — Spend the morning making pizza dough, pop out, buy your favorite toppings, heart-shaped pizza party tonight.
7 — Bake and decorate some valentines day cookies for daddy’s lunches
8 — Shop, design and make valentines day headbands with Mama
9 — Bake and decorate some love inspired cupcakes
10 — Movie day, stay in your jammies, pop popcorn and rent a valentines movie, cozy day in!
11 — Playdate with Aunty Lindsay
12 — Shop, design and make edible necklaces; with shoe-string licorice, pink and purple fruitloops and cheerios.
13 — Make and decorate a valentines day cake for tomorrow special candlelit dinner
14 — Spend the morning making heart-shaped cinnamon buns with Daddy


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  1. OMG…amazing…I absolutely LOVE this!!! I hope we can see some photos and hear tales of how some of these go!

    • Of course Megan, I will. You can catch it all on Instagram. I will post each day as she opens them.


  2. I adore this idea, especially all of the experiences involved. I may do something like this for a trip we are taking in a few months.

    • Thank you Mary first and foremost for coming by!
      So glad to hear you loved our Valentine’s Day countdown and what a great idea to use this as inspiration for your upcoming family vacation. I too think I will be counting down to many more fun events, birthdays – holidays – vacations, I mean why not! I think it would also be fun to include in your countdown tasks that you yourself need to get done before the trip. For example make fun out of choosing a suntan lotion with the kids, or buying bathing suits, or new hats for the trip. All a fun experience when you are counting down. So much anticipation. Makes the vacation fun last longer 🙂

      Safe Travels!


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