DIY: Vintage Advent Calendar

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25 Boxes {bought mine from etsy here}
25 Vintage Images {bought and downloaded mine from etsy here}
Dots or Glue
Sticker numbers
25 sweets, treats and toys

:: HOW TO ::
Really quite simple! Assemble your 25 boxes, cut out your images and apply your sticking agent. In my case I used dots I picked up from Michaels Crafts. Using 4 little guys on the corners of the images and stuck it to the front of each box. Then gather your number stickers and label the boxes 1 through 25. Note, when you’re buying number stickers you’re going to need a LOT of 1’s and 2’s, so to save you the time, here’s the breakdown.

You’ll need 3 – 0’s, 13 – 1’s, 9 – 2’s, 3 – 3’s, 3 – 4’s, 3 – 5’s, 2 – 6’s, 2 – 7’s, 2 – 8’s and 2 – 9’s

Stick your numbers on your boxes. Figure out the best order you’d like your sweet and treats delivered to your babes. In my case I staggered the kinder eggs so they were not all at once, I made sure that the Christmas ornaments were not opened before we have scheduled to get our tree, and I tried to best split up sweets and toys so that Sofia doesn’t end up on a sugar high for a consecutive week.  At the end of the year. Simply fold them down flat and store them until next year.

Advent Calendars have been a tradition in my family since I could remember. I do recall having the store bought ones for a few years however most of my life I was spoiled with a homemade, and personalized advent calendar. My mama stuffed an advent calendar for me until the year I moved out of the house, I was in my late 20’s, and engaged. A grown woman if you will; a woman or not, my mama stayed true to traditions and spoiled us with advent love and sweets for as long as we lived under there roof. 


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  1. Just found you and absolutely LOVE this! I adore vintage and have been trying to think about how to update our advent calendar. Such a beautiful idea!

  2. I. AM. DYING. This is the best advent calendar idea I have ever seen. Not gonna lie. I’m in love 😉

    • Oh wow! Stephanie you win for BEST comment of the day that and BEST website name. Seriously Two-Daloo?! I love you already!


  3. A-dorable! I am working on my own advent calendar for my daughter but I am seeing all these amazing ones around the web that I might have to do instead.

    • So much fun. Let me know what you end up doing… I love it when people get crafty for the holidays.


  4. This is really adorable, you always come up with the cutest crafts for Sofia!! 🙂

  5. Oh, this is fantastic! I was so proud of the new fabric Advent calendar I got (way less commercial than the ones we’ve used in the past) but I don’t think the pockets have room for some of your great treat ideas! Hmm…I’ll have to get working on that!

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