Don’t judge me, it’s not what I’m here for


PLAY; to engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose.

I posted a picture on Instagram last week of Sofia playing with makeup and guess what people, I got judged hard, was tagged as a “bad mom” and even lost some readers. I know as a blogger I open myself up to boat-loads of criticism, sharing my life online, I’ll be the first to admit blogging is not for everyone and sometimes that includes me.

5 years is not enough time for me to grow thick skin apparently

I was told last week that I made a very bad judgment call as a parent in letting my child play with makeup at 5 years old. I’m pushing her to “grow-up quickly”, caving into an “evil female stereotype” and in turn I may “pay for this in a big way” as my daughter gets older. Wow — Whoa! Who knew that allowing my child to play with makeup would be such a detriment to both our lives. 

I did toy with the idea of ignoring the message completely, but as always I feel the need to defend myself and my choices I make as a parent. Since I’ve chosen to live parts of my life online it’s my right to at least defend myself when I feel I’ve been virtually backed up against a wall; so here we go…

The way Sofia plays with makeup is the same way she does her princess dresses, astronaut costume, light saber and cowboy hat; it’s just another stepping stone that takes her deeper into a world of make-believe. She doesn’t think she looks more beautiful with it, but she thinks it’s fun to change her appearance and voice for an afternoon with friends. She doesn’t feel less important without it, however I will add when she wears her glittery royal lipstick she does demand gold flakes be sprinkled in her cheerios and I sorta’ think she has herself convinced she may in fact be royalty. Let’s get real, all jokes aside you guys, she’s not using makeup to make herself feel more beautiful or grown-up, but using it to springboard into an imaginary world of pretend as the playful and fun seeking 5-year old that she is.

Now please, if you feel the need to judge me on just one image from my Instagram feed, let it be this one… 


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  1. You are a FANTASTIC mom and Sofia is a bright, imaginative, sensitive little gal because of it. There will *always* be haters. I just try to remember that it’s not my job to fix their problems. You do you, mama. You’re doing a great job.

  2. Oh boy. I saw that Instagram pic and laughed at your comment, never thought another thing about it. Kids like to play and try new things. Ignore the hate – not worth your time.

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