Our version of Elf on the Shelf {VLOG}

You’re no stranger to the Elf on the Shelf; whether or not you have one, you’ve heard of it…. 

Something just didn’t sit right with me when the whole Elf-thing started. Can’t quite put my finger on it, but I just knew that it wasn’t the right choice for us as a family. LOVED the concept behind the fun and magic it brings to the Holidays, so I came up with my own little idea.


He comes around every year on the 1st of December, sent straight from the North Pole, from Santa himself. We celebrate the Holidays together and channel the real spirit of Christmas. Bringing our family closer together, as hectic as the Christmas Holidays can be, slowing us down to a manageable (and enjoyable) pace. We learn about the true spirit of Christmas, where giving can be just as lovely as receiving as well as seeing the JOY in so many more ways that one might think. It’s the small things.

WE CAUGHT IT ALL ON TAPE, Santa delivered a letter, right to our front door and Mortimer got setup and ready for his arrival… the countdown to Christmas. 




Do you guys have an Elf you welcome into your home over the Holidays? Or is Uncle Larry with the swearing problem more than enough for you to handle over the Holidays?


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