FAMILY: 12 Must-Have Baby Items

Parenthood is no cake walk, but you don’t need me to tell you that. What you may need is some unsolicited advice on 12 must-have baby items that will save you in more than one way. From those zombie-like 2am feedings, or the 5 o’clock witching hour where baby isn’t happy until the whole house is in tears. You know what I mean, I know I’m not alone when I say “bring on the gimicks and gadgets galore”. Whatever will make life easier for both parent and babe are baby items I want in my mama tool belt.

Myself, along with 3 other mama bloggers are sharing our must-have baby items that will save you time, stress, and tears {from everyone in the house}. And without further ado, as I doubt you made it reading this far anyways, seriously! Get to it Tairalyn! These people need the straights goods yesterday! Follow below to the other 3 sites to find out those mama bloggers must-have baby items; here are my top 3:

ITZBpTRU1-4555587dtEEN Pocket Nanny
//Retails $24.99
With how much change hit our family when we brought Sofia home from the hospital, remembering the simplest things, like eating and taking a shower, were a task. Your mind is wrapped around making sure baby is taken care of to the best of your ability, which means putting your personal care on the back-burner. Sammy and I struggled with remembering how long she was napping for, or when her last feed was, or heck changing a diaper. It all mushed into one long, long, looooong day. Found this little gadget online and we never felt stressed to keep our inner timers running. It reminded us of everything, and boy did it help on those rather rough nights.




babybreezeBABY BREZZA Water Kettle //Retails $49.99
I know Sofia isn’t the first child who wakes in the middle of the night crying for food like they wanted it yesterday. Preparing formula at 3am with a screaming baby and a body that is functioning on only a few hours sleep should really be the next Olympic sport. For real, that is one gold metal I would be proud to hold. Sofia was one of those babies that when she wanted food she wanted it not now but right now! Formula was our only option as Sofia was lactose intolerant. Finding a bottle she would take, and a formula that worked best for her was a task in itself, so when we found the Baby Brezza kettle which kept distilled water always at the perfect temperate of 98 degree, it was a no-brainer, we had to have it. I have since noticed that they no longer carry the water kettle but they have replaced it with a bigger and better machine that literally makes the perfect bottle for you, the Formula Pro. Baby Brezza saved us so many tears!



levana_safe_n_see_digital_video_baby_monitorLEVANA Video Monitor //Retails $179.99
For us, the important things we needed in a baby monitor was video capability, including night vision, 2 way talking, and room temperature. Levana ticked off all the boxes and came through on all that we needed on a rather decent price and I tell you we swear by it. It saved us many-a-nights. Believe it or not even at 3 and a half years old, we still find great uses for our video baby monitor. Would you like fries with that?





CHECK OUT the other mama’s who shared their must-have baby items today. Any mama will be set once they’ve hit all 4 sites. I sorta’ wished this list was available to me when we were expecting, talk about savior!


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  1. I’ve never heard of the pocket nanny, but it sounds awesome! That would have really helped the long newborn days. And a video monitor would have been great too, we just had the regular one.


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