FAMILY: A Furry Addition


Let’s declare this a minimal words Wednesday. Will that work for yous? These pictures are far too cute to leave “wordless”. This little man has worked his way into our hearts, and our beds {finding out her cries when left alone}. As most of you heard the news {here and here}, we added a new member to our family. As he is nameless at the moment, many of you have made some honestly brilliant suggestions.

Hugo, Cash, Francois,  Georgio, Toulouse, George, Kramer, Patron, Romeo, Simon, Sushi, Coco, Sinatra, Steve {as in Steve McQueen}, Sloan, Mitten, Max, Pickles, Niko, Eli, Socks, Blu, Phillip {as in Phillip Lim}, Oliver, Boots, Baby Gaga {thanks to Sofia}, Brody, Charlie, Grey, Karl, Bluey, Felix, Garfield, and Ziggy

Thank you to all who threw out some genius names. As yesterday as a exciting day for us, it looks as though we are all coming down with a little bug in the family. Sorry about being so quiet on my end, the weekend we will rest and next week is a new one. Hopefully we can get a bit more than 4 consecutive hours of shut eye.



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  1. Feel better mama! I love the photo if Sofia with Mr. Kitty Kat! 😉

  2. Super cute! (Your daughter and the kitty! Lol!)

  3. SO cute.

  4. Maegan Morin says:

    Awww your kitty is so cute! We just got a new cat as well, my son named him Happy. He is pretty happy. Hope that you are enjoying your kitten as much as we are and I hope that flu bug didnt actually get you!!

    • Ohhhhh how sweet. Maegan please share you baby with us. Pop over to my fanpage and share a photo of you newest furry friend. I would love to see.


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