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A forever tradition in our family has been to go out and cut down a fresh Christmas Tree for our home during the holidays. Each and every year we trek out to a tree farm, bundled up and ready to be officially put in the Christmas spirit. We tell stories, we laugh, we always complain about who is cutting down the tree, on how long he’s taking, asking if he needs help with the saw, and of course commenting on how uneven his cut on the stump is. It doesn’t feel like Christmas until we make the men in our family feel less burly.

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This year was no exception. This morning we bundled up and drove out to the tree farm to find our newest festive smelling addition to our family. And although we only have plans on keeping our tree baby for a short while, we love our newest addition unconditionally, showering them with accessories, topping them with a star and loading them up with beautiful gifts.

We made our way our to Alouette Tree Farm this morning bright and early. Asked the most important questions to one of the employees, “which tree smells the best”, and her reply, “the grand fir”. Of course it’s the GRAND fir, only makes sense with a name like that. So out we went to try and find the perfect grand fir for us. Sammy spotted it, and Sofia approved. Down she came and the excitement began. I don’t think Sofia actually knew we’d be taking a tree home. She was just ecstatic seeing it go into Papa’s truck, jumping for joy and screaming. Yes! Yes! It’s mine!

Now, let’s talk about attire! You didn’t expect anything less from this Mama did you?. Naturally an occasion like this deserves an adorable outfit and a cozy and gorgeous coat, right?! Well I knew this coat would be a perfect fit for a festive tree cutting; wouldn’t you agree? Thankfully I didn’t have to spend too much to get exactly what I was after, It’s a Joe-Ella, and although they retail for $82, I snagged mine at an unbelievable price tag. Would you believe I got mine for $40. Genius right? Thanks to Baby Duck Club, starting today until December 9th, she is featuring Joe-Ella, selling their dresses, coats and even some adorable baby boy onesies for up to 70% off.

If you don’t know about Baby Duck Club, let me give you a QUICK run-down:
They began to simply bring Canadian moms  high-quality boutique brands, bringing support to Canadian companies, supporting mompreneurs and North American made products whenever possible. All around this mama is gem, and this is why I believe she deserves to be supported herself!

If you don’t know much about Joe-Ella, let me give you another QUICK run-down:
Glittery sequins, ruffled hemlines and satin sashes make these dresses one-of-a-kind. This Canadian children’s clothing brand has spent the last 30 years designing super-sweet frocks for the littlest of fashionistas. From Dresses, to coats, to onesies, their is something for everyone.

Now that you know the amazing-ness about both Baby Duck Club and Joe-Ella, I bring you a GIVEAWAY. Thanks to them both they are offering a chance at winning one of their gorgeous coats, just like Sofia is wearing during our traditional tree-cut. You have a choice at colors like red, blue or grey and I promise you this decision will not be easy. GOOD LUCK


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  1. Her smile just keeps getting cuter!!! So sweet, love your family tradition! <3 Happy Holidays Love! xoxo

  2. Maegan Morin says:

    OMG! That coat is sooooo adorable! So happy to be receiving your emails again!

  3. Andrea B. says:

    What a cute coat! Great way to spend time with the family and a fantastic tradition as well. The tree you picked out is awesome!

  4. Hye Tairalyn! I just found out your blog and i fell in love at the first sentence i read haha.I’d love to know what camera did you use?Love all your pictures.Love from Malaysia xx

    • Hello Miss Malaysia {beautiful name}!

      I love getting comments like this, so thank you for taking the time to let me know how much you love the site!!! It’s seriously what keeps me going on those lack luster days 😉

      The camera I use is a Nikon D80 and for any touch-ups on my images I do them at

      Hope that helps!
      Thanks again for taking the time to comment, and send some love.


  5. Thank u so much! By the way,Malaysia is my country and my name is Amirah 😀 I guess i should say, Love from my country,Malaysia ♥

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