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Family Dinners are BIG in our family. Birthdays, Holidays, Sundays, any excuse to catch-up, reconnect and share good food. Everyone who can make it comes, more than one option of meal is made (because kids), the table is scattered with dishware, drinks, decor, it’s really the best way to celebrate ANYTHING.

Last weekend my parents came over to hang out. We hadn’t seen them in a few days and we were beginning to miss their faces, so Sofia rang them up Saturday morning and asked for them to come “play”. They accepted the invite as any good Nana and Papa would put in a tight spot with their adorable grandchild’s unexpected call. They joined us for dinner at our home and even brought a bottle of wine and a few cans of Sammy’s favorite Italian soda (they’re seriously just as amazing as I am making them out to sound, beyond grateful for the peeps I get to call my parents).

We laughed through good conversation including the many meal options when dining at the Ciulla house. That night’s menu was Ginger Chicken Stir Fry on Coconut Rice or Chicken Fingers and Fries. Sammy may or may not have had both options and Sofia may or may not have struggled to eat half of the one obvious choice. #pickyeaterforlife 

But since we’re here speaking on traditions; anyone remember Bunnykins? The dishware line you collected as a kid, eventually pulling out for your own kids,, who would then theoretically take them for their own kids, and their kids, and their kids kids and…. OH MAN! I just love this sorta’ stuff! I have a set of Bunnykins that my sister bought me for Sofia that she uses and what Stella will use as soon as she passes the throw-all-the -things phase. I just love this tradition. What I also love is stumbling across a company who is bringing this collectible dishware tradition BACK TO LIFE


Have you guys heard of Ceramictopia? They launched their Kickstarter Campaign last week and should they get fully funded will be running a collection of adorable, high quality, English bone china kids dishware line. What I love so much is that the pieces all start out from art, collaborating with artists all around the world producing fun one-of-a-kind designs which are screen printed and painted onto collectible dishware. 

This Giraffe set is one of my favorites, but check with Sofia and her hearts set on the Flamingos and the Monkey, Stella… well she screams her gibberish at all of them, so we’ll just say she would fancy any set. You have to see all their designs here on the Ceramictopia website, they’re just beyond brilliant! 


Website // Kickstarter // Facebook // Instagram

I would LOVE to see Ceramictopia come to life and get fully funded during their Kickstarter campaign and it’s why we’re backing them up, and sharing them with you here today. We hope you see the fun they will bring to meal time, the memories they will hold, and the beauty they will add to your dinner table. I don’t know about you but we cannot wait to have them at our BIG FAT family dinners!

I feel lucky to have been connected with Giles, the creator behind Ceramictopia. You can just tell he’s very much one of those people that when passionate about something throws his heart and soul into it. I want nothing more than to see him take Ceramictopia to the next level and make it a household name… for YEARS to come!

Back them up here on their Kickstarter campaign should you love them as much as I do! 



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Disclosure :: I have partnered with Ceramictopia and have received compensation for this post, however all opinions, Picky Eater Problems and Sunday Night Dinner plans are my own.


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