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The city life runs through our blood, and you would probably never catch us living the farm life, however we would never raise our nose to a day spent on the farm. We love our local farms and farmers not just because they give us delicious organic food for our tables, but also great moments to teach and learn about farm animals and just how much work it is to get an egg on the table, or milk in our cups. It’s a great way not only to learn about where food comes from but also to teach respect and appreciation for the food we eat, and the animals and farmers that provide us all these wonderful things in our lives.

It seems every week once the Spring hits Sofia is requesting a farm visit, and honestly I love nothing more than to spend the day with her cuddling baby ducklings, learning how to milk a cow, or picking delicious berries at our favorite u-pick farm. And this is why today I want to share with you our two most favorite farms in the city, one for animal cuddling and pumpkin picking and the other for u-pick berries and flowers.


6179 248 Street, Langley BC  

We go to Krause Berry Farms often, it makes for a fun morning out together (especially with friends) and we stock up on buckets and buckets of berries we likely would never be able to afford in this quantity. Over the past 3 years we’ve done u-pick Strawberries, Raspberries and Blueberries, every season they become available we make our way out bright and early to avoid the heat and rush and make a morning of it. Pick our berries heading back into the shop to weigh and pay, then we head into the winery to grab a vase and scissors and hit their flower patch, snipping some of our favorite stems for our table that week. Under $10 gets you 16 stems of your favorite flowers and a sweet little vase to take home. At which point we normally sneak into the shop and buy something fun to take home for an after lunch treat, like their homemade Raspberry Popcorn or Worms and Dirt Fudge. We always leave Krause Berry Farms with a heart full of love and tummy full of treats!

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Krause Berry Farms
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24990 84 Avenue, Langley BC  

We’ve visited Aldor Acres Family Farm on many occasions. For fun, specially for baby duckling snuggles, for a Birthday Party, for Pumpkin picking, and even for Father’s Day one year. I think it’s fairly clear we love our Aldor Acres. They’re a family run farm that literally make you feel as if you’re one of them when you arrive. You can guarentee you will bump into grandma and grandpa while you’re there, including watching the grandchildren rawl up the goats and pigs when the time comes. I can’t even begin to tell you the love we have no only for the Aldor Acres family but the animals too. A moment that will never leave me was the time we came for Father’s Day, we first arrived and realized that they didn’t accept plastic in the off season, only cash. We’re not a family who carries much cash ever to their reply “don’t worry, just send us a cheque in the mail when you get a moment”. Seriously! These people are the best here. After spending the entire morning snuggling with the baby ducklings, we visited all the other babies on the farm and headed home with tears in our eyes for having to go. Sofia was so smitten with the ducklings, she was the only kid there that could hold a ducking and have it fall asleep on her shoulder, it was like she was a duck whisperer. At home we talked about our little ducklings for weeks, even months, putting up a pictures on her beside table, Sofia was just so in love. I sent in our cheque with a picture of Sofia and her little buddy the very next day and we looked forward to the next season when there would be another litter of these adorable webbed feet babies. Fast forward 10 months later and I get a phone call from one of the grandchildren telling me they will have duckling and piglets for Sofia to come and visit next week but to call when we want to come and visit as they are closed for the season. REALLY?! You mean to say we can come in when you’re not open and have a private snuggle session? Of course we accepted the invite and were there the very next week. It’s families and businesses like these we will forever love and support.

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Aldor Acres Family Farm
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DO YOU have some local farm favorites? I know I am bias with my 2 favorites but I would love to learn more about the others we have around town, and maybe try one if I can learn to try something new.


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