FAMILY: first day of school

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The first day of school has come, and gone. Sofia is snug in her bed, the house is pin-drop silent, and I have a big-ol cup of tea as I sit and cry the evening away click through images, remembering our amazing day. How does this happen? Like I know HOW it happens smart-ass, but I wan’t to know HOW THE HECK this happens in what feels like a nano second. Trying to hold on to today’s’ amazing moments, from our morning cartoon session with daddy, to our back-to-school breakfast {at her request, huge-mongus strawberry croissants, frozen raspberries, and apple sauce}, to making the teachers a special sticker riddled, smelly-felt scribbled letter, to our walk hand-in-hand to the front doors of school, to our pudding jumping session home, that ended in dropping our clothes at the front door and straight into a warm cozy bath.

Oh what a day!

We knew it would come, we knew it would be hard on our hearts, but we didn’t know it would feel quite like it did. A battle between excitement and sadness; our wee-baby girl who depended so much on us to this point, is growing up. She’s making her own decisions, her own friendships, and becoming the little lady we could only dream she would be. Today was the day we’ve been extremely excited about, yet loathing over since she was born; and it was exactly as we thought, it hurt so good!

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