FAMILY: First Snowfall of Winter

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It was about 8pm on Thursday night, last week when the snow began to fall. Sammy and I were cuddled on the couch, and by this I mean he was on one couch with his feet up watching a movie on netflix, and I was on the other, computer in my lap getting some much needed work done. I saw it first, in the corner of my eye, the big ‘ol flakes falling so softly past the outside street lamp that sits outside out home. Sam! Sam! It’s absolutly snowing right now! Stop the movie and look! Ha, I’m a total jerk like that, a jerk and a sucker for winter. The ideas were streaming through my head on how I would surprise Sofia in the morning. That poor kid had no idea, she went to bed and it was just a regular ‘ol night. Nothing fancy, not even rain or a thunder show, nadda.


With plans to record it all and clip a few favorite phrases for instagram, I failed miserably. Let me rephrase that, my phone failed me once again. It decided to crash 7 seconds in and I got nothing. But what I do remember in between my excitement of reliving the moment from the evening before was, “what the heck” and a “I didn’t knows it was snowing” and “what a surprise this is for me”. It was seriously adorable, and I wish I could link up the video now. These pictures will have to suffice people, my heart is broken too. Sorry.

We went out, taking out family boots on their first voyage, we played, we laughed, we froze. We ran inside and snuggled up to a couple of cups of hot cocoa, it was a beautiful Friday morning at our home.


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