FAMILY: Glamping in the City


…let me clarify; I used to camp. But now, I glamp.

Glamping {glam-ping}; noun
a form of camping in which participants enjoy physical comforts associated with more luxurious types of holiday

So what this means is, my entire family drove out to my sister home. We invaded her property with motors homes and portable mini cribs. While a majority slept outside in their home-on-wheels, the others enjoyed the cozy beds indoors. The only real reason I’m still able to legally classify it as camping, is because hot dogs and hamburgers were on the menu, sour keys and fuzzy peaches were what was considered our fruit consumption for the weekend, and a good part of the trip was spent shielding our food from all sorts of flying insects. However, for reasons one might fight me on calling this camping would be because, we enjoyed life with complete power; instagramming along the way, we had a hot tub, our fire was not started by whittling but by a propane tank, we watched national lampoons vegas vacation outside on a 12′ x 50′ screen, and a grand majority of us slept indoors.

Now this my friends, is my kind of camping!

DSC_0070-001 DSC_0068-1 DSC_0059-1 FamilyCampSet1 IMG_9944-1 DSC_0081-001 DSC_0078-001 DSC_0160-1 FamilyCampSet2 DSC_0105-001 IMG_9970-1 DSC_0202-1 DSC_0204-1



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  1. This looks absolutely AMAZING!!! What a wonderful experience for Miss Sofia. And that little red barn is to die for. Miss you. xo

  2. Seriously LOVE this idea!!! Your sisters place is amazing and I am slightly jealous!!!

  3. I love love love the last photo of the family. It turned out perfect 🙂

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