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Romantic right?

…it’s how I choose to spend my Friday nights these days. Once a week you can find me at the table, pumpkin spice candles lit, a smooth cup of earl grey, a save-on-foods flyer, my meal planner, and my laptop stationed at  You see, it’s how I grocery shop, in my pajamas, sans makeup, cool, calm, and collected; glorious right?!

Today, and for the next 4 weeks, I’m going to share my experiences grocery shopping online with Save-On-Foods. Proving how changing my ways from shopping in store, to online with the cool kids, can not only save me time and stress, but importantly money. Why? Well, it all started when our weekly grocery budget grew to a scary place. We were no longer buying diapers or formula, yet I was still dropping $250 a week on our grocery bill. Wait! What? Things needed to change in a big way, so here we are, trying out online grocery shopping.

Here’s how this weeks online shopping experience unfolded:

Thursday, 9:27pm: I spent 30 rather romantic and stress free minutes planning our weeks menu based on deals I found in the weekly flyer. Apparently I became a shopping genius once I put my mind to it; pinterest combined with foodgawker gave my infinite amount of recipe options based on a few key ingredients.

Friday, 2:00pm: I shopped the site by specials, adding to my cyber-buggy all those grocery items I needed on sale, filling in the gaps with those items that were not. Off to the cyber checkout, where the cashier was quiet but rather helpful, chose a delivery date and time that worked best for me, paid with credit, $155.57, and closed up the laptop. JUST. LIKE. THAT. I received a e-mail confirmation of my order within minutes, providing me a direct link on where I could make changes if I needed and detailed instruction on the next steps and how things will unfold.

Saturday, 9:00am: While one member in our family had a morning siesta, myself and Sofia caught up with our buddies, Toopy & Binoo, while lazing around in our jammies; the phone rang, “good morning, I’d like to know if it’s okay that I come by with your groceries in 15 minutes?”. I thought to myself how wonderful it is to be Kardashian!

Saturday, 9:13am: Groceries arrived, unpacked and put away all while making chocolate chip pancakes. As I whistled a happy tune, the door bell rang, and in walked Brad Pitt handing me a mother of the year award, if theirs a man out there that knows what it takes to be a mama, it’s him. HEY! I don’t make this stuff up people, this actually happened *in my mind*


There were three things that I was extremely impressed with from the Save-On-Foods online ordering system. For one, you can make specific notes for your “personal shopper” on each item you purchase. So for example when buying fresh bananas, I can make a note for them to be the greenest they can find, as this is the way my husband likes them. Cool right? Just as if I was right there choosing them myself. The next thing that impressed me was at the check-out, they give you the option of choosing “allow my personal shopper to use substitutes”, meaning that if a product I have requested is not available at that time, they will choose a fair substitute for me instead. I find this super handy, as I too would do the same being put in that predicament. If the recipe calls for cream cheese, doesn’t matter who makes it, I need me some rich, smoothly and creamy cheese in my fridge. And finally their delivery times, with great morning, afternoon, and evening options, the 2 hour delivery frame is perfect for planning your day around. Save-On-Foods has defiantly thought of it all, and I for one am converted!

Here is three reasons why I feel that I managed to save my family $100 this week based on previous weekly shopping trips. For one I was able to view and shop sale items only. There is a feature on their site that allows you to view the items you need by price point, brand name, and/or current specials; super handy tool when you are shopping with a budget in mind. Shopping online made it easy to shop for only the items I needed and nothing that caught my attention. I think it’s fair to say that when shopping with a toddler you end up with many items you never came for, like the latest and greats goldfish flavors, or a box of cookies that has her absolute favorite disney characters plastered all over it. Am I right mamas’? Over spending on unnecessary things and making regretful quick decision are a thing of the past my friend, starting now!

The reason I chose to share my experience for the next 4 weeks is because I feel one month will give a true reading of just how much time and money it can honestly save us as a family. Within a month I will have purchased absolutely everything my family requires to live, from food, toiletries, and our cleaning supplies at least once. Thus proving that shopping online with Save-On-Foods is the way to go, allowing us to enrich other areas of our lives, and giving us more time to spent together as family.

Have questions about Online Grocery Shopping with Save-On-Foods? Comment below, I will gladly reply with answers, and if I don’t have the answer you’re looking for from my personal experience thus far, I will reach out to the amazing people behind the scenes at Save-On-Foods and get the answers for you. #TalkAboutSavings

Disclosure :: Overwaitea Food Group has asked me to share my overall experience with Save-On-Foods Online Grocery Shopping; having shopped online with them over the last 3 weeks, I gladly accepted. I’ve been compensated  for taking the time to share my experience, but as always all opinions are honest and my own.


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  1. I can’t seem to find a price for this service on their website…

    • No worries Tina, I know it! I can help!
      You can place an order and pay for it online and for $4.95 pick-up your groceries at your local store.
      OR; you can place an order and pay for it online and for $7.95 have them delivery it to your door.
      OR; if you collect save-on-more points Tina, you can use 1,500 for free pick-up {code: RP1500} and 2,500 for free delivery {code: RD2500}.

      KEEP IN MIND; you get free pick up or delivery service on your FIRST ORDER with them!



      • Thanks for your reply. Would this be something that you would tip the personal shopper for?

        • Ha! Tina I had this question once already; stumped me too! Here is your answer as per the Website:

          Should I tip my delivery assistant?
          We thank you for the compliment, but our drivers do not accept tips. We would be happy to hear about your great service and pass it along. Email us at


  2. I’m bummed that this service isn’t available in Vancouver. I live about a 10 min walk but with a toddler in tow, well you know. 🙂

  3. wendy Anderson says:

    Have you ever checked prices for online with superstore or other grocery stores?

    • I actually do Wendy, funny you should message because I just placed my first order with Superstore ONLINE Sunday and let’s just say I doubt I will be doing it again. My green beans came black, my apples came bruised and with worm whole and I was missing 7 items from my shop (of which I know they had 5 of those things in store, just lazy shopping). Overall I will be either going in store to shop there again or stick with the other grocery delivery options.


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