FAMILY: Introducing Stella Grace


She’s here!
She’s here!
She’s really actually here!


We’re all home and in our many-of-different-modes. While I’m happy to be in my own bed, eating from my own fridge, and snuggling with my people, I’m struggling to understand what recovery mode means (c-sections really do put you out ‘eh?!), Sammy is in “do all the things and be a super dad” mode (which he is totally rocking at I may add, the guy gave me a shower the other day!) and Sofia… well she’s just in baby heaven, that and “see how many times I can kiss my baby sister before she starts to cry” mode (she’s officially made it to 16). We’re all getting into a new groove as a family of four and it feels so good you guys, so very good (minus my newest battle wound).

img_5159-1Stella Grace arrived bright and early on Tuesday, September 13th, when she and I both chose her arrival method based on a hunch and my mama instincts. I felt like Stella was telling me to stick to my guns and “go with my gut”, I demanded a c-section even though I was beyond terrified having never gone through any sort of surgery in my life; but extremely thankful I did. It was the right choice considering her position and complications with the umbilical cord, thank god for mothers-intuition. I promise to share more of this story another day, but honestly, it’s still too fresh right now to go right into a delivery story, these days we’re choosing smiles over emotional tears as it’s just best! #teamnotears

Stella is a dream, a very different experience from our first. The days at home with Sofia were filled with tears and tummy troubles as she was not only colic but lactose intolerant for the first year of her little life. Poor thing, we all had a tough go with our new life as a family back in 2011, but we eventually got the hang of it. Stella on the other hand, she’s a world’a difference, I assume this is in typical newborn baby form, she sleeps/eats/poops/repeats. Am I right? She makes the BEST little faces and has us all madly in love. 

Funny story actually, Sammy and I thought we were happy with just one, we felt we could easily go on with life as a family of three; him, I and our darling Sofia Marie. It wasn’t until Sofia got very vocal and good with her communication that she made herself very clear, we were to be a family of four; no if’s, and’s, or but’s. We knew the importance of siblings, both growing up with them and decided a family of four is what we would try for. And now… now that she’s here, my goodness you guys we feel so lucky, so whole, so complete as a family of four. This is our new normal and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us. 

Be right back, Sofia is attempting to break her kissing record, I should probably be there to wipe the tears!


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  1. Seriously so happy for you my friend! Stella is absolutely beautiful just like her mama! I think Sof was definitely right on insisting having a family of 4! When you have a sister, you will always have a friend. They will be BFF for life! So so happy for your and your family!

  2. kathy downey says:

    So happy for you and your family she is beautiful

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