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It’s not like we haven’t made you wait long enough… and before someone hurts me, or worst blocks me socially (that would seriously hurt me to my Instagram core) I give you our gender reveal! 

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We are all so very excited, and for as many times as Sofia wished upon a shooting star for a little brudder she has warmed up quite nicely to the idea of being able to share dolls, shopkins and make-up (well that escalated quickly). 

We took Sofia with us to the detailed ultrasound a few weeks ago as we felt this would be such a special time the 3 of us could share together. Finding out all at once, celebrating and dreaming of how things will be in the near future as a family of 4. As we all know in any ultrasound appointment they take the mama in first, get all that they need as far as measurements and pictures go and then they call in any family to join. It’s exactly how things went, and in chatting with the technician during my private visit I had mentioned to her that Sofia was very much rooting for a baby brother, it was when she had finished all she needed and she said to me “would you like me to tell you first then bring the family in?”, it’s then I knew it was another girl. I knew she wanted me to prepare myself in case I needed some prep for Sofia’s reaction to the news. I kindly declined the advanced screening and excitedly awaited Sammy and Sofia’s entrance. We watched as baby moved inside my tummy, she was showing us all sorts’ of fun moves with her feet and hands. Watching Sofia’s eyes in amazement was just enough for me to call it a day. It was all computing in her little head and I doubt anything could ruin her day after seeing what she saw. 

The technician was so very sweet explaining everything to Sofia and showing her the little heart beating, the hands and feet and tiny little nose when a good 3 minutes had passed, Sammy pipes up “So…. can we find out the gender?” (he was a little excited to say the least). She of course came through and said “the baby is a little girl” and this is when we all smiled and cried then giggled, to which Sofia sternly says “these are not sad tears mama, I know I wanted a brother, but I am so happy, I’m crying happy!”.

We’re all just smitten!


Fullscreen capture 2016-06-01 105553 PMI consider myself so very lucky to know and have friends that have amazing talents. A local mama and friend, Joanna Moss came through in the BIGGEST way with this fun, impromptu gender reveal. I had a meeting booked with her for a completely different subject, work related actually and she says to me “wouldn’t you have JUST found out what baby #2 is the day before? Let’s do a little reveal shall we?”. I planned on doing something fun but nothing fancy, especially nothing that would have me hiring a fancy-pants photographer like Miss Moss. I will forever be thankful for her gracious offer to us as a family and for what fun memories she captured.

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  1. Eeeeek!!! How exciting!!! Congrats to you and your fam, Tairalyn!

    • Tairalyn says:

      Thank you! We’re beyond excited, seriously though send Sammy all your strength he is going to need it with a house full of woman 🙂



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