FAMILY: Krause Berry Farm {in the rain}

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We love a good u-pick, especially when it’s with good friends!

Myself, Sofia Marie, Tamara {from discovering parenthood}, and her daughter Everly decided to stick-it-out with our original plans made; a visit to Krause Berry Farm to pick our quota of blueberries for the season, despite the weather. I mean, it wasn’t a torential downpour, it was merely spitting, that is when we were en-route. We arrived to a little more than a sprinkling of rain, but their was no turning back now, a little rain never killed nobody {well, that is unless you’re a pop rock, then moisture is pretty much your end-all}.

Krause Berry Farm
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We hopped on the farm bus and headed to their field to begin our adventure; and boy did we pick! We picked and picked and picked until the rain made us stop. We came back to the farm where we were lucky enough to catch the last puddle jumping performance and home to clean up what mess mother nature made of us. All in all the afternoon was one we will forever remember. Cheers to great friends and good times!


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  1. Great photos 🙂 Berry picking is such a fun experience

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