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Like many parents, you must put on your game face when we sit down to eat; a picky eater lives at home! Sofia has been picky since day 1, sadly this is no exaggeration. Picky when it came to the formula we fed her {she has lactose when she was born}, to the bottle we fed her from, the the material that graced her skin, to the teddies she slept with at night, into the texture of pureed foods we tried to feed her, and now into the food she eats as a toddler. All in all she has been very particular in what she puts in her mouth and wears on her body; and this is why I’m sharing with you today some of our tactics that have worked when dealing with the picky eater in our house.


1. if she can grow it herself, she’ll put it in her mouth with a smile
2. if she can play with it, and you let her, she’ll gladly eat it
3. if she steals it off your plate, she’ll eat it with an evil giggle
4. if you make it mini-size, she melt with how sweet it is, and eat it faster than you can cook it
5. if she feels at all forced, you can forget it; and you’ll pay for it later

Although I’m no expert I do know that she are getting better at eating, and have come a long way from our chicken strip and french fry days. I can nearly cook one meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; and that sorta makes me a guru I’d say. Do you have any picky eater tips you can share with other’s who struggle with this?


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  1. This is pretty much on par with what we’re dealing with, I’m just so happy that I have to make less and less hot dogs and chicken fingers in addition to our regular family meals! I’ve discovered he’s liking anything he can eat with a spoon, so I have to get over the mess and just let him do his thing.

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