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This Canada-wide campaign I naturally gravitate to, but even more-so now that I am a mother. Growing up I was never bullied, unless of course I can call myself my own bully {I know I’m not alone in this self-love struggle}, but I did see it go on all around me every single day. I stood up for those I felt I could win in a battle against,  and those that needed an army, I gladly called in troops. Bullying goes on whether we know of it or not, starting from childhood and sadly working the way into our adult lives *face in palm*, pretty stupid actually. Some just never grow up…

I am taking a stance, alongside MANY, in saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We will not tolerate bullying of any sort anymore, not at school, at the workplace, at home or online. Wear pink on February 25th and show your support for PinkShirtDay, and if you’d like a fancy-pants shirt like me, you can grab them locally at London Drugs or buy them online here.  Note, that not only do the proceeds from the sale of the official Pink Shirts go to support the Canadian Red Cross but also to so many more amazing organizations including Boys & Girls Clubs of BC, Kids Help Phone, Kidsafe Project Society, Leave Out Violence Society, and YWCA Metro Vancouver {read about them here}.

LOCAL EVENTS: I’ve also heard of another event happening locally, supporting the same important cause to end bullying, called the WALK2TALK right here in the tri-cities {port coquitlam}. Happening this Sunday at 11:30am; find out more here.


TELL ME will you be taking a stance and wearing pink next Wednesday? Share via social media in showing your support and don’t forget to tag #pinkshirtday #stopbullying #antibullyingday


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  1. kathy downey says:

    Nice shoes !!

  2. What a fabulous campaign to be a part of, I can’t wait to see this outfit on you. You are amazing for sharing this and participating. Wish it was world wide on this day…which is tomorrow!

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